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Wake Me Up When September Ends

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Last ride []

Who has already preordered the album? :D Check out the widget below for all the latest news, tour info, pictures,videos, lyrics, and preorder link. The ablum is released on May 15th, so hurry and preorder today!

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Hi, my name is Taylor. I just joined. I haven't been a Green Day fan for very long but I used to listen to their music when I was little and liked it, I just didn't know who they were. Well, I guess thats all, if ya wanna know anything else just look at my profile, it says it all. Feel free to add me if you like:)

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Hey, my names Britt, I'm 13, and I've loved Green Day for about 6 or 7 years, and saw them in concert on Nov. 17/04, so fucking awesome.

Anyways I made this picture for my layout but never used to, feel free to use it, no credit needed.

Feel free to add me also!

<3 Britt

This sudden fear has left me tremblingCollapse )

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new here []

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hey guys im new and i thought i would introduce myself well my names mary and green day is my all time favorite band! umm, im 14 and i live in new york. umm happy new year!!

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Hey. I'm new to this community, but I've loved Green Day for years. I've seen them in concert 3 times (twice this year) and they just keep getting better. I'm 16 years old and I'm a junior in high school. My favorite song of all time (not just by Green Day) is "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)". The last time I saw them in concert, which was a week ago (Nov. 13, a day after my birthday!), Billie Joe played Good Riddance with an electric guitar. That pissed me off. So if you're about to see them, you have been warned.
I know, I suck at these intro posts, but what the hell.

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Hey dudes. I am, indeed, new to these parts.

Megs. Fifteen. Representing the overly populated state of New Jersey.

Whoo. Let’s party.

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I made a Green Day colour bar a while ago, and I was just wondering if anyone wanted to use it...

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Green Day's Behind the Music []

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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows where or how I can get my hands on a copy of Green Day's VH1 Behind the Music... I checked the VH1 website and no luck. :( I really want to see it!! If anyone can help me out... I would be eternally grateful!!

Thanks guys :)


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For those of you who don't know, []

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Billie Joe is in the new issue of Guitar World. & it has the best pictures of him that I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot. You can see the scans of them at The Green Day Authority.

I'd like to see more people posting in this community, it's rather dead if you ask me. Are you guys afraid to post or something, come on now. Post your hearts out!

I love you all,

Daylight savings time is really gay.

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[ mood | determined ]

Hey All,

ATTENTION: I may have an extra ticket to the Green Day show at Continental Arena this Saturday!!!

Contact me.. if you are at all interested. :)


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Dreams do come true... []

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Need I say more?
6 days to go...
Life is good

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Green day were just on Jools Holland (Britain) and dear lord,what a performance.They played American Idiot,Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Basket Case and it was aceness.

I'm getting my tickets to the Glasgow concert tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT.I haven't seen them in almost three years and it's going to be amazing!

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Ok, i was really bored and i didnt know all the facts about Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. I'm sure most of you know all this, but if you dont here you go:

Billie Joe
Real name: Billie Joe Armstrong
Guitar & Vocals
Also Plays: Harmonica, Mandolin, Drums, Piano
Born: February 17, 1972
Family: wife, Adrienne (married July 1994); son, Joseph Marciano (born March 1995); son, Jacob Danger (born September 1998)

Mike Dirnt
Real name: Michael Pritchard
Bass Guitar & Vocals
Also Plays: Farfisa, Guitar, Drums
Born: May 4, 1972
Family: fiancée, Sarah; daughter, Estelle Desiree (born April 1997)

Tre Cool
Real name: Frank Edwin Wright III
Drums, Percussion
Also Plays: Accordion, Guitar
Born: December 9, 1972
Family: wife, Claudia (married May 2000); daughter, Ramona (born 1995)

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[ mood | rather amused ]

hello hello
my name is Ashley and I'm obsessed with green day. I'm a loser and spend most of my time online searching for more communities to join. Anyway, aything else any of you would like to know just ask or IM me at:
AIM: xMin0rityx
Yahoo: Cogmifl_Soup_Lala


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I'm so fucking happy I could cry... []

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Well, this made my day, my week, my month, my year, and perhaps even my life.

I got tickets to the Toronto Show on the 2nd of November. Well, my mother got the tickets, but you get what I mean. I really, REALLY cant wait. I was suppost to go to the one at the Phoenix on the 24th, but seeing as they sold out in 3 minutes...

Anyways, Is anyone else going? If so, look for me. I'll be the one with the green hair, System of a Down shirt, Pik and Black eyeliner, and I'll be with my 6 foot, 16 year old brother who looks like Jack Black on speed :D Section 321, row 13.

Yes, I have everything planned out. So what, I'm a loser.

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<3 Green Day []

[ mood | tired ]

Im new, but not new to Green Day. I just recently started listening to them more, but i've always liked their music. Some of my favs are Basketcase, Longview, Minority, and When I come around. Those ones are just from Dookie. The ones I love from American Idiot are Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Give me novacaine, Are we the waiting, Wake me up when September ends, and both of the 5 song trios. I LOVE the whole CD though. But yeah, those ones i like a lot. Billie Joe is really hot. Ok, im done. :-)

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Yee Haw! []

[ mood | happy ]

bask in the glory of green day wee, its an ariticle that was in the Sudbury Star last Saturday, I hope you can read it. Btw I totally got tickets to the Nov 2nd show in Toronto :D:D if anyone else is going to that show lemme know.
Btw, I wish people other than me would post in this community.. I'm responsible for the last 3 entrys so stop making me feel like the only obsessive loser already...
Oh and Shannon, (dothepropaganda) that picture you made... I'm using it as part of the backround image in my lj, hope you don't mind

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!!! []

[ mood | anxious ]

Tomorrow, 10 am (aka right after pep rally, during science class) green day tickets for November 2nd, Air Canada Centre, Toronto go on sale!
Sweet angry Jesus!
so I'm gonna have to get a note if i want to get out and buy tickets on the phone/online then I'll have to either skip science or get a note singing me out, we'll see how that goes, I just pray to god that I get tickets
Is anyone else going to that show? I'm trying to get four tickets (me and my friends) so if say someone manged to to get tickets for themselves plus four more and wanted to meet there and sell them to me... that'd be great
See ya at the show... I hope
Later days

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My sad obsession []

[ mood | dirty ]

Ok, well there's a green day concert in Mississauga on November 3rd that I'm hopefully going to (after not ending up going to the one in toronto on the 24) and so I'm feeling all obsessive of Green Day and I start typing in the names of all the members of green day and the songs and the albums and stuff and I clicked on one of the interests and this community popped up, and all my friends and family are tired of hearing me rant about Green Day so here I am. My brother even went as far as saying he hated Green Day (BLASPHEMER!) don't worry thought, I handled that by putting a poisonous snake in his sheets.
Umm I think I'm done being crazed and obsessive for now so... yeah hello community


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"She Went Away And Then I Took A Different Path..." []

[ mood | depressed ]

Ok... so is it just me or is "Whatsername" INSANELY DEPRESSING!!!!!???

Everytime I hear it I want to cry! Just thinking about how someone can love another person and things don't work out.... and that person is gone forever out of their life! It is so sad!

What do you think?

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